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Combination Rack
All-In-One Solution

Combination racks, also known as hybrid racks, offer versatile storage solutions by incorporating multiple configurations within a single rack structure. By understanding your pain points, we create a solution that eliminates them and ensures a seamless storage experience.

From the installation of different configurations of roller tracks or decking panels or gratings on the lower levels to pallet storage on the upper levels, we tailor the system according to your needs to accommodate your wide range of products with varying shapes, sizes, and storage needs.


Adaptability to changing storage needs

Improved accessibility


Space optimization

Enhanced organization


By integrating various storage methods, they optimize space utilization, streamline operations, and contribute to improved productivity in warehouses, distribution centres, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.


The system's versatility allows for manual operation, where pallets can be handled using forklifts or other suitable material handling equipment, while cartons, crates, and bins can be handled manually using hands.


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