Mezzanines on Shop Floor

Mezzanines on Shop Floor


In most of the manufacturing setups, shed height is not optimally used. with machines on the ground, storage area for Raw Material is generally in a separate area. Due to this, material handling time is added. Even work in progress (WIP) material is kept on the machine side which blocks the gangway. This is always an area of concern for all plant managers.


When one of our customers was facing this issue, we suggested installing Mezzanines for storing Raw Material, WIP material, even keeping machines on it, to free up space on the ground floor, and allowing them to ease the movement, reduce material handling time, and also be able to increase production on same lines by 50%.

Hence, we installed 5 Mezzanines in combination with VRCs, which helped them use height more efficiently and keep material more organised.

Metafold has the ability to provide flexible grid sizes which allows to take care of any constraints due to pillar positions and forklift movement.

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