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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving racks, mounted on mobile chassis, slide along defined tracks, eliminating unnecessary aisles and optimizing space utilization. This innovative design allows for maximizing storage capacity while efficiently utilizing available space.

In these systems, racks are installed back-to-back, with a single aisle opening in the entire structure. To access a specific rack, the surrounding racks moves in a synchronized manner to create an aisle next to the desired rack.


Customizable as per picking requirements

Wide range of application

Direct access to all load units

Maximum utilization of height

Economical use of floor space

Individual locks are provided for each bay


Mobile shelving compactors are widely used in various industries and applications, where an organized and space-efficient storage is required. They are commonly found in offices, libraries, archives, warehouses, and other storage-intensive settings.


The movement of mobile chassis can be done manually or driven through electronic control. Once the desired aisle is accessible, items can be retrieved or stored manually.

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