Multi-Tier solution in DC for Leading Garment Company

Multi-Tier solution in DC for Leading Garment Company


The client required storage capacity of nearly 3 Lakhs Boxes & 1 Lakh GOH (Garment on Hanger) with Process & Automation friendly Layout in 80,000 Sq. ft area with height.


We brainstormed internally and proposed the client for going ahead with 4-Tiered Multi-Tier with GOH on ground & Box Storage in 03 Upper Tiers with 05 levels each Tier. This would not only help them meet the desired requirement but could also store additional material in the same space.

Size implemented for the product: 11800 mm X 6200 mm X 12000 mm

Special Features used for the product 

  • Single Piece 12 meter upright used.
  • Wire mesh instead of Decking for additional fire safety Norms
  • Fire Retardant Ply Boards Used for Easy & Silent trolley Movement
  • Easy Movement of GOH (Garment on Hanger) for Binning & Picking with Idler conveyor Feature


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