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Multi-tier shelving
Compact and High-density picking

Multi-tier shelving racks adopt a Person-To-Goods approach, where additional floors with catwalks are installed at specific heights within the racking structure, increasing the floor space of your warehouse. We provide a diverse range of flooring options that can accommodate various types of goods stored in the racks.

Our shelving solutions also take into account provisions for fire safety systems, lighting systems, and power supply systems, ensuring compliance with necessary safety regulations and providing a well-equipped storage environment as per ISO norms.


Customizable as per picking requirements

Wide range of application

Direct access to all load units

Maximum utilization of height

Economical use of floor space


The multi-tier shelving system provides a cost-effective alternative to automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) for warehouses that have a high number of SKUs and engage in picking-intensive operations with replenishment model dispatches.


Goods can be transferred between floors using VRC, continuous lifts, conveyors, gravity chutes, pallet loaders, pallet gates, or a combination of these methods. On the same floor, trolleys or hand pallet trucks can be used for transportation. The choice of material movement method depends on your goods' specific process flow.


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