Automated Sheet Storage Solution is an efficient machine for saving time and is easy to handle compared to conventional storage solutions like racks, floor storage. It has been formulated and designed to store several pallets of metal sheets. With the aid of the elevator, actuated by Gearmotor and chains, the packs are quickly handled from the inside of the structure to the unloading bay of the storage system and vice versa, for material load and unload operations.

One of the main advantages is that it saves space in the warehouse, thus allowing maximum utilization of vertical space and increasing efficiency.

Sheet Sizes Stored

Features & Advantages


  • The system is available in single or double-sided design, where the single-sided rack can be extended to a double-sided rack at a later time
  • Packed sheet with pallets can be loaded on the trolley as well as loading cassette to lift the material from the pallet can be added to the storage station
  • Material lifting units as an alternative for loading and unloading with vacuum lifter or overhead crane
  • Optional vacuum lifter to load and unload material
  • Loading/unloading station front side only for different levels
  • Anti-Fall safety device


  • Automated Sheet Storage Solution is specially designed for sheet metal applications and can be used for different loading heights
  • The Automated Sheet Storage System is suitable to store metal sheet
  • Applications for Automated Sheet Storage can differ from storage systems in manufacturing to small to mid-size storage solutions in distribution and warehousing
  • Saves operators time to do the same task with other equipment
  • Organized and quick retrieval of sheet metal