Mobile Compactor is a perfect modern solution for today’s increasing need for space maximization compared to traditional methods of storage. This high-density option can dramatically increase storage capacity by up to 100%. With multiple advantages, Mobile compactor becomes the most preferred storage solution for companies that have less space and high storage capacity need. These are suitable for all kinds of storage requirements and are frequently used in Banks, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Factories, Defence, Railways, Automobile Industries, and many more industries.

It operates on a belt drive mechanism and has adjustable shelves that create more workspace thus making it value for money. The Mobile Compactor Systems are very compact and provide smooth mobility and an exclusive locking system for storage security.

We provide this compactor system with flexible control & manifold cabinets. The colour, design, pattern, size & dimensions of this system can be modified as per the space availability & client requirements.

Features & Advantages of Mobile Compactor


  • External Lock
  • Ergonomic Handle with Quiet Pulley Belt Mechanism
  • Track with levellers
  • Adjustable Shelf with Pitch
  • Self Suspended Installation without grouting
  • Easy to operate locking mechanism fixed on the rotating handle
  • Optional 2 tone colour design for external cladding
  • Sloping Ramp for user safety & allowing wheel trolley access


  • High storage capacity
  • Saves more than 50% space
  • Suitable for various industries
  • Helps to store items in an organized manner
  • Easy to install