Perfo Panel is a stainless steel sheet panel that is extensively demanded in packaging, automotive, warehousing industry, and in many other industries. Manufactured using qualitative stainless steel metal, that makes the panel sturdy inbuilt and enhances the load-bearing capacity. These panels are used while creating a partition in machine shops and shop floor. We provide perfo panel with additional powder coating that makes them scratch less and corrosion-resistant.

The steel panels are perforated on a 45mm pitch with square perforations of 10mm, which are good for carrying heavy loads. The panel system allows tools to be visibly positioned and easily accessible at workshops right next to the machine. The hooks, holders, and tooltips are made using a zinc-plated steel sheet, which is powder-coated in deep blue and ivory glossy finish.


  • Perfo panels
  • Perfo Hinge Door Cabinets