Metafold’s Bar Storage Rack is specially designed to handle long steel sections like bars, tubes & pipes, channels, etc. It is designed for single side & both side.

Safe to handle & store sections up to 3-6 meters long & gives 100% access to all storage levels with the help of overhead cranes. It significantly reduces loading & unloading time and cuts aisle space to a minimum.

Features & Advantages


  • The arms of the rack are rolled out for loading & unloading accessibility
  • Long sections of full length are placed in the arms of rack
  • For cut section pallet is required to be placed in the arms of rack and has to be loaded uniformly in pallet
  • Pallet to be loaded on arms at the arms with of over head cranes only


  • Loading of longer sections in minimum space
  • Safe & fatigueless loading because of crane system
  • High load capacity
  • Faster loading & unloading
  • 100% extractable shelves
  • Single person accessibility
  • Identification of different location in minimum time
  • Saves manpower handling, floor space and identification of location