Metafold’s Bar Storage Rack is designed for storage of lengthy goods like bars, tubes, pipes, channels, flats, I-Beam, profile, rods and sections. This system is a compact, extractable/retractable type, organized vertical storage solution. For each level the cranking mechanism is provided for easy access of material to the operator. This system provides a safe storage of material which can be easily controlled by single operator thus increasing profitability.

Features & Advantages


  • Arm storage area 300 X 550 mm.
  • Organized material storage.
  • Complete modular design.
  • Cranking mechanism for each shelf.
  • Storage of full length and cut sizes as well.
  • 2 handles to each system.
  • Safe working condition.
  • Arm separators / partitions available on request.


  • Maximum storage in minimum area saving floor space.
  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Saves operators time in finding the material.
  • Maintenance free machine.
  • 1 Spare cranking handle provided by default.
  • 2 A4 size acrylic folders for material identification.