Sheet Storage Rack is used to store sheets, plates, moulds & coils and other products captivated by its stable, welded steel construction. These cassettes can be extracted 100% smoothly as they run on a maintenance-free rack pinion cranking system.

Organizing metal sheets in a structured rack is safer than piling sheets on the floor. The cassette rack for sheets has a space-saving folding projection, for payloads of more than 3000 kg for each shelf.

Racks are easy to use for employees, which increases productivity, profits and morale. A single employee can safely and efficiently handle all loading and unloading.

Features & Advantages

Features of Sheet Storage Rack

  • Smooth opening of shelf
  • Welded structure
  • Easy to Fix
  • Cranking mechanism provided for shelves


  • 100% access: Extract full length of the material from the rack
  • High load capacity: We produce drawer rack with a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg per shelf
  • Protective handling: Even for sensitive sheets
  • Safe use of the drawers: Stopper provided on each level drawer is extended
  • Convenient handling: Thanks to our smooth rack and pinion system which can pull 3000 kg easily
  • Finish: Powder Coating