With an integrated aisle, the Multi-tier Shelving system is shelving constructed as two or more levels. Perfect if you have a larger warehouse storing multiple items.

Providing greater storage capacity than standard shelving, these allow for a structural aisle floor – built from uprights – above the base, with further shelves on top.

The uprights can be full length supporting all levels of shelves and the access walkways. Or single – supporting the lower shelves and a mezzanine with free-standing shelving units above. Thinner floors also allow for an additional level of storage to be included.


Multi-tier Shelving system offers the following features and benefits as standard:-

  • Substantial saving on construction costs due to efficient design.
  • Based on well-known shelving system.
  • Heavy-duty uprights to carry loads from the floors above.
  • High sustaining-capacity of individual components for optimal storage.
  • Fire sprinkler and lighting systems easily incorporated.
  • Stairs, handrails and pallet gate accessories complement the system.