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Shelving Racks
Optimum access to Every item

Shelving racks are a versatile and cost-effective storage solution for various goods. Shelving provides a convenient and economical storage solution for a wide range of goods. With its versatility in load capacity, configuration options, and material choices, it can be tailored to meet your specific storage requirements effectively.

The racking system is suitable for a large number of goods, applications and industries wherever manual control of the racking is required. These racks offer sturdy support, ensuring the safety of your goods and optimizing storage space.


Immediate access to any item


Choice of accessories

Flexible expansion

Adaptive as per needs

No limitation of package size


They are suitable for medium-duty applications, accommodating both palletized and non-palletized loads. Available in diverse configurations and materials like wire mesh, perforated steel panels, and wooden planks, you can choose the most suitable option based on your load requirements.


The material can be stored or picked manually at lower shelves, while higher shelves can be accessed using MHEs. Various accessories are available to enhance storage efficiency and customize the shelves for specific load requirements.


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