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Shuttle Racking
Dense Storage

The radio shuttle racking system offers a semi-automatic dense storage solution. Shuttle racking offers significant advantages when managing large quantities of pallet storage with a limited number of SKUs and high-intensity loading/unloading requirements.

Powered shuttles transport loads automatically, creating a high-density storage solution. The system can operate in both FIFO and LIFO modes, ensuring flexibility. Our radio shuttle racking system is compatible with various forklift types and prioritizes safety by keeping the forklifts outside the racking structure.


Ideal utilisation of floor and space

High productivity

 Seamless integration of our solution with your warehouse management system

LIFO and FIFO principal

Economical use of floor space


Shuttle Racking suits best in storage applications such as cold stores, production buffer store, restocking warehouses for order picking, and across the entire haulage services industry.


Optimal storage is achieved by assigning each bay to a specific SKU. The first step involves loading the shuttle inside the bay channels, followed by placing the pallet above the shuttle on the bay channel. When prompted, the shuttle lifts the pallet and moves it deep into the bay. The unloading process follows the same procedure in reverse.


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